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There’s a reason we love being home – it’s where we get to be surrounded by the things we love. Like the rooms inside our homes, there are limitless ways to decorate a deck or patio, especially when you introduce quality  outdoor furniture.

Find the perfect table and benches  to complement your outdoor entertainment area. Our products range from rustic to modern and contemporary to add a dash of elegance to your patio. As a result, you don’t need to look any further to find the right product. Moreover, we will attempt to make your custom furniture ideas as close as possible.

The outdoor dining set with benches are beautiful and affordable, in a grey stain throughout. Certainly, a perfect addition to your home no matter the size of your family.

Additionally, bursting with character and homely charm.

Hence the outdoor table is a gorgeous piece of dining furniture.

Always ready to accommodate for variety of dining occasions and larger dinner parties.

Therefore, this dinner table length up to 2.4 metre which comfortable seats 12 people.

However, we are more than willing to make the dining table bigger.

This outdoor dining set with benches are made from solid pine wood.

As a result, the table looks good, is sturdy, durable and adaptable.

Whatever you’re looking for, these outdoor dining furniture sets add a classic touch.

As a result, you feel like you stepped into a modern day designer home at a fraction of the cost.

Discover a collection of dining sets, tables and chairs in styles to complement your home.

However, for custom designs send us your pictures so that we can make it for you.

Alternatively choose from a range of colours to easily match with existing decor within your dining room.

Above all, take you time and enjoy the full range of dining furniture.

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